Learn how to apply Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform. In this course, you will learn how to create and deploy Terraform templates.

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October 1, 2023
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About the Course

People  and Soft Skills Prerequisites:  

Basic Computer Skills: Participants should be comfortable with basic computer  operations, navigating the file system, and using a web browser.    

Problem-Solving Mindset: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and cloud management can present  unique challenges. A problem-solving attitude will be beneficial.    

Willingness to Collaborate: Given the collaborative nature of many cloud projects and the  potential for group work during the training, participants should be open to  working with others.    

Familiarity with Basic IT  Concepts: Understanding of basic networking, storage, and  compute concepts will be helpful.    

Prior Experience with Command  Line Interfaces: While not mandatory, comfort with using  command-line tools will be advantageous.        

Technical and Hardware  Prerequisites:

Computer System: A modern laptop or desktop computer capable of running  Terraform and related tooling. Both Windows, macOS, and Linux systems are  suitable.  

Installation Permissions: Participants should have the necessary permissions to install  software on their computers. This includes Terraform, cloud CLI tools, and  code editors.    

Code Editor:  A code editor such as Visual Studio Code, Atom, or Sublime Text should be  installed. Extensions or plugins that support HashiCorp Configuration  Language (HCL) will be beneficial.  

Cloud Accounts: For the real-life scenario projects, participants will need  accounts on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Free tier or trial accounts can be used, but  participants should be aware of potential costs.  

Internet Connectivity: A stable internet connection is essential, especially when  working with cloud providers and accessing online resources.    

Knowledge of Cloud Concepts: A basic understanding of cloud services and architectures.  Familiarity with concepts like virtual machines, storage buckets, and  networking within a cloud context will be beneficial.    

Version Control: Basic knowledge of version control using Git will be helpful,  especially for collaboration and CI/CD topics.    

API Keys and Access: For certain hands-on exercises, participants might need to  generate API keys or access tokens. Guidance on this will be provided during  the training, but awareness and caution regarding the security of these keys  are crucial.        

Optional (But Beneficial)  Prerequisites:        

Prior Experience with a  Scripting Language: Familiarity with scripting languages  like Python, Bash, or PowerShell can be beneficial for some advanced topics  and integrations.    

Understanding of  Infrastructure Components: Knowledge of DNS, load  balancers, databases, etc., in the context of traditional IT or cloud will be  an advantage.    

Awareness of DevOps  Principles: While not mandatory, understanding the  principles of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code will provide context to the  training.

Course Content

1  Introduction to Infrastructure  as Code (IaC)  

2  Terraform Basics

3  Terraform Configuration Language (HCL)

4  Resource Management

5  State Management

6  Modules and Reusability

7  Advanced Terraform Features

8  Collaboration and Team Workflows

9  Terraform Cloud and Enterprise

10  Security Best Practices

11  Debugging and Troubleshooting

12  CI/CD with Terraform

13  Introduction to AWS with Terraform

14  Introduction to Azure with Terraform

15  Introduction to GCP with Terraform


Real Life Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

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