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Pursuing a career as a cloud architect is a commendable objective for individuals aiming to advance rapidly in the field of cloud computing, for Cloud Solutions Architects.

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November 10, 2023
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About the Course

What is a Cloud Architect?

A cloud architect is a proficient expert tasked with crafting, formulating, and deploying cloud-based strategies and solutions. This expert orchestrates cloud infrastructures, formulates cloud blueprints, assesses cloud equipment and applications, oversees cloud security, and crucially handles the organization's operational demands. A proficient cloud architect should have a comprehensive understanding of cloud infrastructures, cloud tech advancements, and various cloud platforms, while keeping abreast of current industry shifts.

The domain of a cloud architect extends beyond a singular function or aspect; this adept professional needs to align cloud frameworks across multiple operational and management facets, encompassing data governance, network oversight, software creation, and access and identity governance. A cloud architect is entrusted with guiding enterprises in transitioning to cloud infrastructures and guaranteeing seamless functioning.

Who should become a Cloud Architect?

Aspiring to be a cloud architect is a notable ambition for individuals eager to accelerate their journey in the realm of cloud computing. Given the escalating opportunities for Cloud Solutions Architects, the ensuing professions stand to gain from this educational trajectory:

-Product managers

-Systems administrators and IT managers

-IT administrators and operators

-IT engineers

-Cloud engineers

-Software developers

-Software architects

Course Content

Understanding Cloud Architect Practical Training

Our Cloud Architect Certification program offers hands-on, industry-relevant projects spanning multiple sectors to ensure you grasp the intricacies of cloud architecture. A glimpse into some projects includes:

Project 1: Establishing a WordPress Blog using Amazon Cloud Services
Scenario: Tasked with setting up a WordPress blog for the company, ensuring during working hours (9 a.m.-6 p.m.), a developmental copy of WordPress is used.

  • Implement CloudFormation to initiate an EC2 instance for WordPress with specifications like T2.micro Instance Type.
  • Generate a fresh AMI of the WordPress instance.
  • Enable Auto Scaling for launching a new WordPress instance.

Project 2: Creation & Modification of Linux Instance via EC2
Scenario: The dev team requires a Linux instance for app testing. After a few days, the need arises to modify its specifications.

  • Develop an EC2 instance with specifics: Amazon Linux AMI, T2.nano Instance Type, and 8GB Magnetic Volume Type.
  • Modify to T2.small Instance Type and 12GB General Purpose SSD Volume Type. Then, confirm root volume size accuracy.

Project 3: Global Content Distribution with Restrictions
Scenario: Distribute website content globally, barring access from France and Australia. The data occasionally updates; some files are large, so latency minimization is crucial. Also, there's a need for user access tracking.

  • Set up a static site using Amazon S3.
  • Enable website hosting and logging on a bucket.
  • Configure CloudFront for the site with Access Logs and Geo Restrictions for France and Australia. Verify logging functionality.

Project 4: Web Hosting and Performance Oversight with Azure
Scenario: OsCrop Corporation aims to build a high-availability web app using Azure PaaS (Web Apps) and wants to harness Azure Auto Scaling. They also need performance monitoring via Azure application insights.

  • Initiate Azure Web Apps in US East regions.
  • Activate Autoscaling and deploy an app from Visual Studio with insights.
  • Set up Azure application monitoring.

Project 5: Azure-Based Dev Environment and Web App Security
Scenario: Oscrop looks to Azure for developing a new .Net MVC app using Visual Studio 2017 and desires Azure VM for the editor. They aim to offload app authentication to Azure AD.

  • Establish a Virtual Network, Resource Container, and Development VM.
  • Adjust the VM for development and set up Azure AD for app authentication.


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